Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kombucha Celebrity!

Look who's on the official GT Synergy Kombucha website: none other than Ms. Erin Hoppin! We submitted this photo awhile back (before all of the hoopla about kombucha bottle labeling for alcohol content).

You can see it for yourself at . Erin's picture is in the slideshow of the homepage (a good 30 seconds into the slideshow)... for those less patient here is a screenshot:

The picture was taken on the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island (you can see the Seattle skyline in the background).

Erin is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame and as a reward for her kombucha modeling, GT Dave and Synergy Drinks sent her a T-Shirt and kombucha coupons!

Honorable mention to me for taking the photo! Cheers! - Ken


  1. What fun. Neat photo and lovely model!
    Ted Hoppin

  2. Yay for you two!!!! Can't wait till the booch comes back!

  3. Wow! My friend, a real celebrity! Great shot, Ken! Just had my first GT's sighting at Birite this morning. I think it just might be back! (More modeling, Erin??)